Social And Economic Development Goals

We acknowledge the significant influence our activities can exert on the communities we engage with, as well as the broader global landscape. In line with our dedication to sustainability, we have set forth Social and Economic Development Goals that extend beyond merely producing clean energy. These objectives reflect our commitment to promoting beneficial transformations in the social dynamics and economic prosperity of the areas in which we are active.

Social Development Goals:

  • Community Empowerment:

Objective: To actively engage with local communities, ensuring they actively participate in and benefit from our renewable energy projects.

Initiatives: Support local initiatives to enhance community well-being.

  • Education and Skill Enhancement:

Objective: To contribute to the educational landscape and skill development in the regions of our projects.

Initiatives: Collaborate with educational institutions, conduct tours of the wind farm for different social organizations (the Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine, etc.)

  • Health and Safety Advocacy:

Objective: Ensure the health and safety of both our workers and the communities in which we operate.

Initiatives: Implement comprehensive health and safety protocols, and conduct awareness campaigns on environmental health.

  • Diversity and Inclusion:

Objective: Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, reflecting the richness of the communities we serve.

Initiatives: Implement diversity hiring practices, promote a culture of inclusivity.

  • Cultural Preservation:

Objective: Respect and contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage of local communities.

Initiatives: Partner with local cultural organizations, support heritage initiatives.

Economic Development Goals:

  • Job Creation and Local Employment:

Objective: Generate employment opportunities and contribute to the economic prosperity of local communities.

Initiatives: Prioritize local hiring, and establish partnerships with local workforce development organizations.

  • Supplier Diversity:

Objective: Encourage diversity in our supply chain, supporting local businesses and fostering economic resilience.

Initiatives: Develop partnerships with local suppliers, prioritize procurement from minority-owned businesses, and contribute to local economic growth.

  • Investment in Infrastructure:

Objective: Contribute to the development of robust and sustainable infrastructure in project regions.

Initiatives: Collaborate with local authorities to enhance infrastructure, such as roads and utilities, benefiting both our operations and the community.

  • Economic Resilience Programs:

Objective: Strengthen the economic resilience of local communities against external shocks.

Initiatives: Establish funds for community economic development, support entrepreneurship programs, and collaborate with financial institutions for local investment.

  • Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building:

Objective: Share knowledge and build capacity within local communities for sustained economic development.

Initiatives: Conduct workshops, and facilitate knowledge exchange programs.